Deploy v1

  • Base UI structural design
  • English language integration.
  • Bangla language integration.
  • Japanese language integration.
  • Light mode integration.
  • Dark mode integration.
  • Registration backend.

Deploy v1.1

  • Registration auto mail system.
  • Registration auto .pdf generate system.
  • Contact page backend.
  • Contact page map integration.
  • Company page update.
  • Home page background image integration.

Deploy v1.2

  • Registration auto mail bug fix.
  • Google Workspace integration.
  • Japanese texts updated.

Deploy v1.2.1

  • Google Workspace bug fix.
  • Barcode added to mail .pdf.
  • Registration form updated.( japan and other country toggle)
  • Mail pdf updated.

Deploy v1.2.2

  • Image optimized and reduced for the home page background.
  • New inquiry Ad section added to home page.

Deploy v2

  • Messenger trigger button integration.
  • Text Animations.
  • Animation bug fix.
  • Contact page’s map dark mode integration.
  • Company page updated.
  • Registration bug fix.
  • Phone view bug fix.
  • Contact page form activation.
  • Home page subscribe form activation.
  • Text animation bug fix.
  • Registration bug fix.
  • Image optimization.
  • Site loading optimization.

Deploy v2.1

  • Messenger trigger bug fix.
  • Registration bug fix.

Deploy v2.2

  • Animation bug fix.

Deploy v3

  • Autoscroll issue fix.
  • About page unarchived.
  • Blog page unarchived.
  • Registration bug fix.
  • Registration form updated.
  • Registration mail bug fix,
  • Registration mail pdf updated.
  • Messenger trigger updated.
  • Messenger trigger bug fix.
  • First blog posted : A new era.
  • New blog section unarchived at home page.
  • Blog has been connected to the server.
  • New About page ad section added to home page.
  • SEO(Search Engine Optimization) Activated.
  • Adsec Bangladesh Google Map has been connected with contact page map.
  • Contact page map bug fix.
  • Animation bug fix.
  • Messenger trigger ambient shadow integration.
  • Gallery section added to about page.
  • Office images uploaded to gallery.
  • Image optimization.
  • Workspace Mail bug fix.

Deploy v4

  • Server side rendering enabled
  • Blog title Medium size.
  • Blog card color fix.
  • Dark/Light mode switch bug fix.
  • Add new page (Developer). Which will be navigated via footer
  • Messenger trigger will disappear when arriving to footer
  • Fix Footer. (developer,about and registration button was missing).
  • Opacity of #FFFFFF (inquiry ad section) in the home page increase.
  • Inquiry ad section background image change.
  • About page image update.
  • Contact page : Footer button scroll animation integration.
  • Company page info update.
  • Gallery Image bug fix.
  • Blog : A new era ; Video autoplay bug fix.
  • Adsec Bangladesh Google Map has been connected with contact page map.
  • Blog Image update.
  • Company Page : top 3 button’s shadow update.